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StikBot Safari Pet

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The multi award winning StikBots have suction cup hands and feet which allows them to be posed in numerous different ways.

• The StikBots limbs, torso and even neck can be positioned at multiple angles.

• StikBot Safari make a great addition to movies and are fun for collectable play – choose from Lion, Rhion, Hippo and Elephant with four clear colours to collect.

• Includes the free StikBot stop frame animation app for iPhone or Android to download and produce your own movies.

• Join the fun - film, pause and edit your StikBot movies with the free app then get sharing your creations online with #StikBot 

StikBots are a unique, poseable and collectable figurine! At a basic level they are a fidget toy that is perfect for imaginative play. Their unique design allows for easy positioning on any flat surface thanks to their suction-cup hands and feet.

StikBots can be posed in countless ways - their limbs, torso, and even neck can be positioned at multiple different angles! This makes StikBot perfect for making your own stop-frame animation movies using the StikBot Animation App which is free to download for iPhone and Android operating systems.

Now your StikBots have their very own Pet! Pets make a great addition to movies and are fun for collectable play.

Choose from bulldogs, dogs, cats or monkeys and start creating your own exciting stop-frame animation movies to share on your favourite social media site.

Follow the StikBot Central Youtube channel and get inspiration for your next movie watching other videos on the channel including some really innovative weekly StikBot shows.

Individual box is 120 x 110 x 35mm.