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GoGo Gadget VIP

Terms & Conditions
  1. Membership and Subscription:

- The GoGo Gadget VIP membership is available to customers aged 18 years and above, residing in the United Kingdom.

- By subscribing to the GoGo Gadget VIP membership, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.


  1. Subscription Fee:

- The Monthly subscription fee for the GoGo Gadget VIP membership is £2.50.

- The fee will be automatically deducted from the payment method associated with your subscription on a Monthly basis.


  1. Discount Codes:

- As a GoGo Gadget VIP member, you will receive exclusive discount codes via email.

- Discount codes are for your personal use only and cannot be shared or transferred to others.

- Each discount code is valid for one week, starting from Monday and expiring on Sunday.

- Discount codes are applicable to full-priced items only.


  1. Delivery of Discount Codes:

- Upon successful subscription, you will receive an email confirmation.

- You will receive your weekly discount code every Monday, delivered to your inbox.

- Please ensure to check your email and any spam/junk folders to locate the discount code.


  1. Redemption Period:

- Discount codes must be redeemed within the respective week they are issued, from Monday to Sunday.

- Please note that discount codes will expire at the end of each week and cannot be used beyond that time frame.


  1. Account Activation:

- To redeem your discount codes, you must have an active and valid subscription account.

- Ensure that your subscription is active before attempting to use the discount codes.

- Discount codes cannot be applied without a valid and active subscription.


  1. Modification and Cancellation:

- You have the right to modify or cancel your GoGo Gadget VIP subscription at any time.

- To make changes or cancel your subscription, please visit your account settings or contact our customer support.


  1. Limitation of Liability:

- GoGo Gadget and its affiliates are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use or inability to use the VIP subscription service.

- We reserve the right to modify or terminate the VIP membership program, including discount offerings and benefits, at any time without prior notice.


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