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HURRY: Under £20 inside | Summer SALE Flash Offers 🛍️
HURRY: Under £20 inside | Summer SALE Flash Offers 🛍️

Cyklone Motorbike

Original price £25.00 - Original price £25.00
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£25.00 - £25.00
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Cyklone Motorbike RC vehicle that features a unique tracked design to enhances its performance


Remote control motorbike with a single caterpillar track running between the front and rear wheels. The unique tracked design allows the bike to perform actions that other RC vehicles in this price range would struggle to match. For example, it can climb up steep slopes with ease and, with a quick enough start, can perform wheelies when racing off the mark.
  • Single tracked RC motorcycle
  • Maisto model number 82321
  • Climbs inclines
  • Performs wheelies
  • Pistol grip controller
  • Requires 6 x AAA batteries