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Millers Flower House

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ORIGINAL BRAND AND PRODUCT Rolife adheres to the original research and development concept and focuses on the Play-Brand of DIY models. Rolife insists on speaking to the world trends with China design, following cute and independent spirit to express the life attitude of the contemporary Chinese youth and recreate the new Ecology of oriental art toy.

Miller’s Garden

The stunning Miller’s Garden Miller’s Garden is inspired by the breathtaking gardens you see in the most distinguished and luxurious neighborhoods. Where everything seems like a fairytale. It’s a vibrant dollhouse that focuses on an amazing variety of fascinating flowers and plants. 

Here is your exclusive garden,these plants remain green throughout the year. Sampling tea or reading magazine or falling sweet asleep on the soft sofa, you will feel as if you had come to a fairyland in the world, far away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.

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A burst of sunshine send beams of amber light through the window, and the garden is steeped in warm sunshine. The plants are bathed in sunlight. 

Around the beautiful flower fence, I slightly open the door, with no intention of disturbing these sleeping plants. When I walked into there, I find I have already stepped on their dreaming world. I smell an unnamed faint flower fragrance drifting within my tiny garden. I sit on the couch, holding the soft pillow, picking up a book and start reading. The vine overhead stretches its branches and leaves as far as it can, forming a natural shadow in my place. After a little while, I put on the straw hat, and begin to garden.


Miller’s Garden


  • Mental Utility: An interesting and engaging activity. It can develop your kids mental skills and logic thinking. Enjoy the hearty decompression process in the cyclone brainstorming. Make this dollhouse with your hands with your friends or family, a perfect parents-child eactivity.
  • Intricate Design: Grain dip-dyeing process.  Equipped with all the materials and tools you need to recreate plants and couch. Detail-oriented and well-furnished. Remarkably detained and realistic. 

What’s included
Paint x 1
Paint Brush x 1
LED Light x 1
Battery for the LED Light x 1
Bottle of Glue x 1
Tweezers x 1


Ecofriendly Material

  • High-grade natural plywood 
  • Laser-cut technology
  • All pieces are perfect match
  • Safe and Enviromentally friendly

  • Step-by-step Manual: Colorful english instruction book, detailed and well-thought-out steps.
  • Perfect Gift: Best gift to someone special gift or home decor. It will make a memorable gift that will be cherished forever. No one will refuse such a fairy house gift! Such as birthday/ Christmas Day/ Valentine’s Day, and every happy sweet moment!

Product Information

Package Dimensions: 319*207*50mm

Assembly Size: 195*183*210mm

Items Included: Plywood, Paper-cuts, LED light, etc.

The Average Assembly Time: 24H

Item Weight: 840g

Wood Pieces: 210pieces

Country of Origin: China

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 14 years and up

Manufacturer: Rolife