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HURRY: Under £20 inside | Summer SALE Flash Offers 🛍️
HURRY: Under £20 inside | Summer SALE Flash Offers 🛍️

Party Roulette

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This game has all the excitement of russian roulette, but nobody dies!

Feel the tension as the balloon gets closer to bursting each round.

Spin the "gun chamber" and press the trigger.

Do ya feel lucky punk? Well do ya .............?

This game will make sure that your party ends with a bang!

Simply load up the revolver with a balloon and begin by cocking the gun and spinning the chamber, now pull the trigger, each pull will revolve the chamber just like a real pistol. The person who pulls the trigger when the balloon bursts, looses, unsurprisingly.

Box Contains:

1 x Party Roulette revolver
1 x revolver base
1 x self-adjusting balloon ring
12 x Party Roulette balloons