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HURRY: Summer SALE Flash Offers 🛍️

[ROKR] Owl Clock 3D Wooden Puzzle

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Owl Clock LK503 is inspired by mysterious stories which happens in ancient castles at dark night with owl’s hooting. No one knows the truth but only the owl see it. Days after days, centuries after centuries, time has gone by and the stories live for ever.

Artistic Home Decor & Real Time Indicator

Beautifully designed outlook with mechanical gadgets to build yourself. It’s a real clock which tells accurate time. If you love craft it will be the perfect choice for your collections. Also a rewarding challenge for both eyes and hands.

Best Gift for Family&Friends, Perfect Collections

Owl Clock LK503 is an exquisite hands-onc project for all. You can choose to build it on your own or enjoy it with your friends. It is a great challenge to your mind and hands.

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161 pcs


Owl Clock has exquisite outlook with elegant Roman numerals on dial. It is not only an artistic home decor after finished, it also tells time accurately with quatz movement. Tick tock, the pendulum swings back and forth with time.

  • Bell timer driven by spring (up to 30mins)
  • Accurate quartz movement powered by battery
  • Escapement fork pendulum structure
  • Clock dial with Roman numerals
  • No glue required
  • Estimated time: 4-5h