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ūüíôFather's Day Gift Ideas Are Insideūüíô
ūüíôFather's Day Gift Ideas Are Insideūüíô

EscapeWelt Quest Pyramid

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Quest Pyramid

Quest Pyramid is a new form of intellectual logic games that recreate the story and scenarios of an escape world escape room.

Experience the excitement and thrill of an escape room with your loved ones from the comfort of your own home.

Quest Pyramid was developed by experienced engineers who created hand-picked puzzles and multi-level tasks that present a challenge. Complete the tasks to unravel the mystery of Quest Pyramid. 

The Quest pyramid is made entirely from birch wood and is an environmentally friendly product. We carefully select, sort and treat the wood for production and hand assemble the product in our factories in the EU before we pack it and send it to you with our love.

More than 10,000 customers have joined the EscapeWelt family. They appreciate our work and commitment to creating the best possible experience and show their love by coming back again and again. 

We will continue to make you and your families happy!

The history of toys

525 BC BC: Egypt, the last independent state of antiquity, is conquered by the Persians. Cambyses II, son of Cyrus, has declared himself the new pharaoh. Despite this, he has no power over the land he has conquered. The Egyptian priests guard the treasury of knowledge, the true source of power. Hidden deep within an ancient pyramid, the priests have left magical traps and puzzles to ward off daredevil explorers. 

Neither Cambyses II nor the most learned scientists of the Persian Empire were able to solve the riddles and acquire the sacred wisdom of the Egyptians. 

Now, after thousands of years, you have the opportunity to gain access to the treasury of knowledge.

Do you have the courage to solve all the riddles of the ancient priests and get the lost wisdom? What are you waiting for? The adventure is ahead of you!

Technical specifications

measures and weight

Weight of the Quest Pyramid - 750 g

Dimensions - 19x19x10cm

Inner compartment - 5.2 x 5.2 x 5.2 cm

The kit contains:

1. Quest Pyramid

2. Flyer - Instructions for solving the tasks

Need help solving the puzzle? Scan the QR code on the flyer and go to the Quest Pyramid online tips page.

Available in English and other languages.

game time

Quest Pyramid is a challenging game from EscapeWelt Intelligent Toy series. Quest Pyramid has an average playing time of 60-90 minutes.

Play alone or with friends and family. Share the puzzle-solving experience with two to three other players for a great evening at home.